£5 Live!

£5 Live!

A new plastic £5 note will soon be making its way to a pocket near you.

Whether you love them or loathe them, pretty soon you won’t be able to ignore them. And when you get one, what will you do with it?

After you’ve tried chewing it to see whether it really is indestructible, marvelled at your hand through it, and played with the Big Ben hologram – please may we invite you to do something really worthwhile, and donate it – to Soulscape?


And if you do – (thank you very much!) – please would you tweet or post on Facebook to let everyone else know what a great idea this is?

After all, what better way to celebrate than to donate to a good cause! Appropriately, at the Five Live concert at the Whitty Theatre, Luckley School, on 15th October (see previous post!) you can bring and post your kind donation when you arrive. You are coming, aren’t you? It’s going to be a great evening!

Of course, if you really can’t bring yourself to part with your new note, there’s always our donate button… 🙂

Thank you for supporting young people. You make Soulscape possible.




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