An update from CARE

An update from CARE

We’re a few weeks into CARE: our newest Soulscape project, and the first one we’ve ever designed and delivered online.

The workshops are online, but the art takes place with real recycled materials in the students’ own homes.

So far, with the help of local artist Bill Crooks, we’ve discussed topics like plastics and the pollution of the sea, ecosystems, global warming, deforestation, thought about what trees mean to us, and learnt lots of new art techniques. The young people are working on their own creations that will be exhibited at the end of term.

The students taking part are enjoying it so much that they’ve started to invite their friends along! It’s been great to hear their feedback and see their passion for this topic.

Here are some of their art exercises and comments so far:

“I really enjoyed the virtual meeting. I found it fun and a lot of relief from my busy school day. The activities made me laugh and Bill and Michelle were funny and friendly.”

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