and breathe…

and breathe…

Over 10 volunteers and 30 man and woman hours this week have transformed this classroom.


PAUSE is peace, time out, a much needed opportunity for reflection.

‘A lie-in for my mind during school time,’ as one yr 8 pupil so beautifully put it today.

DSCN4586 DSCN4595 DSCN4601

Hardworking volunteers, all of you, you know who you are. Thank you. As you take a breather after your amazing transformation, you should know that your efforts are providing young people with a chance to breathe and take stock of their lives. We’re hearing meaningful comments from young people themselves, and their teachers, about the importance of this time.

DSCN4456 DSCN4457 DSCN4459 DSCN4465


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