Inside ‘Inside Out’

11 Dec 2016 by Mel Carlisle

Two of the team discuss Inside Out. Megan (intern/researcher) ‘The statistics are quite surprising. You don’t really think that as many young people suffer from mental health issues as actually do. Suicide is the biggest cause of death in young men under the age of 25. It makes you want to do something about it.’ ‘It […]

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Inside Out – Feeling fine?

9 Dec 2016 by Mel Carlisle

“How are you?” “I’m Fine.” Lost count of the times you said or heard this? When things are rocky inside it can be difficult to share what’s going on. We may hide everything and struggle on alone, but sharing really does help. It allows others to understand what we’re going through and enables us to see our situation from a fresh perspective. It’s time […]

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