and breathe…

17 Jun 2016 by Emma Merchant

Over 10 volunteers and 30 man and woman hours this week have transformed this classroom. PAUSE is peace, time out, a much needed opportunity for reflection. ‘A lie-in for my mind during school time,’ as one yr 8 pupil so beautifully put it today.    Hardworking volunteers, all of you, you know who you are. […]

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it’s an obsession

23 Feb 2016 by Emma Merchant

Does it disturb you that a simple shopping trip exposes children to a stream of images promoting sexual availability? Or that, searching ‘kitten’ or ‘toy’ online, they risk stumbling upon violent porn? Does it bother you that 12 year old romance is  reduced to an exchange of naked pictures? Sex is everywhere; on billboards, in […]

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