splash the cash? or manage the flow?

9 May 2016 by Emma Merchant

Tim volunteers for Soulscape. He’s great at setting up PAUSE, but he also has specialist skills.  So this year we recommended him for something a bit different in school. ‘42% of young people couldn’t decipher credit/overdrawn on a bank account statement.’ 2013 survey. Tim understands money. Money problems can be a major source of adult depression. When it all goes […]

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it’s an obsession

23 Feb 2016 by Emma Merchant

Does it disturb you that a simple shopping trip exposes children to a stream of images promoting sexual availability? Or that, searching ‘kitten’ or ‘toy’ online, they risk stumbling upon violent porn? Does it bother you that 12 year old romance is  reduced to an exchange of naked pictures? Sex is everywhere; on billboards, in […]

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