Could you help us care for teachers?

Could you help us care for teachers?

As you know, we work with Wokingham and Bracknell schools to tackle the pressure that young people are under.

We’re all too aware that their teachers are under a lot of pressure too. Just the other week another study came out, highlighting how much stress they feel. And if they are feeling pressurised, this can be transmitted down to the students.

Creating space in the staffroom – with cake

In a small way, Soulscape volunteers try to create a little bit of space each week or fortnight for teachers under pressure – by baking cakes and serving them in the staffroom, along with nice coffee, tea and a chat.

The headteachers of the Holt School recently got in touch, saying:

“We would like to thank your team who give up their time each Thursday to come in and provide us with much-appreciated cakes, tea, coffee and conversation. It really brings our staff together each week.”

Can you bake? Could you help?

Some of our volunteer bakers have been looking after teachers in this way for ten years! But we now need a few more bakers and cuppa-tea-makers to keep it going, particularly at The Forest School in Winnersh. Could you:

  • Bake a cake every 6 to 8 weeks
  • Visit the school every 6 to 8 weeks to serve the tea and cake and chat
  • Or do both!

Soulscape is very lucky to have a lot of supporters who want to get involved in our local schools even if they aren’t able to work directly with young people. Making tea and cakes for the teachers is one way to make a small but important difference. The baking team do it because they care, because they like to chat, or because they just love making cakes and have grabbed the opportunity to put their hobby to good use.

If volunteering in this way that sounds like your cup of tea, please get in touch with Michelle on to say you’d like to join the team, or to ask more questions.

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