Here come the young

Here come the young

Soulscape got a special mention by the legendary Martyn Joseph during a breathtaking performance at All Saints in Wokingham at the end of November. The award-winning singer/songwriter has just released his new single ‘Here come the young‘, which we can really relate to as we work to inspire and develop the next generation in Wokingham.

Martyn encouraged his audience to find out more about the charitable works he has developed internationally, as well as the the grassroots work of Soulscape closer to home in Wokingham!

Soulscape thanked him with one of our T-shirts which now goes on the road with him on the second leg of his world tour, as he launches his new album. Do check out to find out more.

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  1. Wow! Martyn Joseph! He’s a total legend. Probably the most unseated musician of my generation. Thanks for sharing this Soulscape team, it’s awesome work your doing, I can’t wait for his next album and your next project. Keep up the amazing work – “here come the young”!!!

    MJ (and now Soulscape) fan!

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