How to fundraise on your own!

How to fundraise on your own!

This is a really important moment for us – we need to support our young people in this anxious time but do it in new ways while schools are off.

We need to fundraise for this work in new ways too! Here are a couple of ways you can help right now from isolation – we’ll share some more later.

When you do your online shop

Now we’re all getting more stuff delivered than ever, please would you join Easy Fundraising? Visit, select Soulscape as your charity and we’ll get a (pretty decent) donation every time you buy something online!

We recommend you install the “donation reminder” on your browser as well. There’s an Easter special at the moment if you’re shopping for chocolate…

If your party’s cancelled

It’s no fun if your birthday or anniversary is coming up and you’d had a party planned. Would you turn this into something positive by collecting donations instead of presents this year?

You can very easily set up a collection on Facebook. Go to create a new post, click the three dots to see the menu of things you can post, then click ‘support charity’. Find Soulscape from the list, and write a short post about why you’d like your friends to give a gift to Soulscape in your honour. Thank you!

We’re really pleased to have a new Fundraising Manager on board – Zoe Maynard joined the team recently, and she’ll be sharing more ‘isolation fundraising’ tips and organising some virtual events!

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