Introducing our interns…

Introducing our interns…

Meet our new interns. We love their energy, ideas and enthusiasm. They understand fully what it’s like to be young people of this generation, and they generously share their knowledge and experience with us. Soulscape provides opportunities for them to explore their skills, and to contribute to projects that will help improve young people’s lives.


Isaac: ‘Psychology fascinates me. It’s really challenging to try to understand why people think and behave the way they do. I’m interested in young people’s mental health, and I’m considering whether I might become a counsellor. Soulscape gives me a chance to explore this further. I’m also a member of Wokingham Youth Theatre where I enjoy technical roles and acting. I like cycling, but have recently graduated to motorbiking which is even better! I’m a bit of a computer gamer. I like to know how the games work and why.

Dogs or cats? Dogs. We have two at home.

Travel? Travel’s not really my thing. I don’t like surprises. But I do quite like flying.

Favourite biscuit? Malted milk.


Evanna: I was born in South Africa, and my family came to England when I was three. I’m passionate about acting and want to make it my career. Acting makes me happy and challenges me. I also love writing, especially creating characters and plots. Photography interests me too. I have an old camera, and I enjoy capturing special moments, and experimenting. I’m looking forward to using my skills with Soulscape to enhance young people’s lives. I love to be with friends and family. I love running, swimming, and sitting on the grass in the sunshine!

Dogs or cats? We have both, but I’d say cat.

Travel? I love travelling. Travelling and visiting new places helps you to see things  differently. It gives you a whole new way of thinking.

Favourite biscuit? Custard creams.

Megan: My favourite thing is definitely music – all of it, from classical to indy. I’m a choral scholar, and I sing with the Berkshire Maestros County Choir. I also play the piano and the double bass, and I really like composing. I hope to create music for Soulscape projects this year, and aim to study music at degree level next year. When I’m outdoors I love wild walking – I’ll quite happily walk up a mountain. I enjoy baking, too – especially cakes. And I generally take the opportunity to pet as many dogs as I can.

Dogs or cats? Dogs. Golden retrievers make me especially happy!

Travel? I like travelling, meeting new people, and learning about them and their experiences. It helps me to expand my own life bubble.

Favourite biscuit? Oh, I love so many biscuits. But I’ll go for custard creams!

We’re delighted to have all three with us at Soulscape this year.



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  1. Involved on the sidelines cheering you on through my daughter &granddaughter’s involvement. Fascinated by what you do great stuff may God continue to bless your work through the the lives of the young people you reach

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