Just five minutes.

Just five minutes.

Just five minutes into day 1 of PAUSE, and we are witnessing special moments in the lives of young people. Our ‘Letting Go’ zone has connected with young people powerfully this year.

 Letting Go: ‘Take a stone. Bring to mind something that is weighing you down. Hold it in your hand for a moment, and then – let it go.’


A volunteer explains: ‘Almost immediately there was a young person obviously upset. I was able to chat with them quietly and share the moment. Watching them let go of something that had evidently been a cause for distress was powerful. I was in tears too.’


A teacher shares: ‘I cried the first time I walked into PAUSE. I tell the young people there’s no shame in crying.’ As she leaves, she adds, ‘There’s a real need for this reflective time.’

PAUSE. Time to let go. Time to put things right. Time to move on. 

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