Launching CARE: our latest project

Launching CARE: our latest project

Our newest project starts tomorrow! CARE is a creative project addressing the anxiety and passion that young people have about climate change and the environment, and putting them to good use.

80% of teenagers say they feel under pressure to save the planet from climate change, but don’t feel well-enough equipped to make a difference. This is a source of stress and worry in their lives.

CARE aims to improve young people’s wellbeing through the creative arts and through providing a space for them to discuss, express and educate others about the climate crisis. Read more about it here.

How are we doing a schools project when schools are closed?

Wokingham schools are still closed as part of the UK’s lockdown measures. So we are running this project for the first time online.

We’re collaborating with St Crispin’s School to make this work. Meeting virtually works best with a smaller group, so St Crispin’s nominated 20 students who would most enjoy and benefit from the project.

Each week, we’ll meet with this small group online for a live discussion about environmental issues, and they’ll watch our local artist demonstate some creative ideas. They then have space to work on their own art during the week. 

It’s the first time we’ve run a project like this remotely, but we’re excited to be interacting with our wonderful local young people again, even on a video call.

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