Meet Nick, our new CEO

Meet Nick, our new CEO

Soulscape is delighted to announce that on 6 June 2019 we appointed Nick Barnett as our CEO.

Nick has considerable experience as a management consultant working in the charity sector, prior to which he was the Director of HR & Corporate Affairs for Prospects for People With Learning Disabilities.

Jonathan Newport, Chair of Soulscape’s board of Trustees said:

“We are very fortunate to welcome Nick as the new Chief Executive of Soulscape. His record in growing charities by injecting energy and direction into charity leadership speaks for itself. Soulscape is always evolving in response to the pressures that young people face, while keeping its core mission of creating space for them to explore life. We have no doubt that Nick will lead us on the next part of this journey.

“Nick has a deep personal commitment to the work of Soulscape and its passion for the young people and schools in our community.  I look forward to working alongside Nick as Soulscape enters this exciting chapter in its development.

“Also, as she leaves Soulscape, I would like to thank Jane Turner for the outstanding job she and the team have done over the past eight years, ensuring that Soulscape has the kind of impact we always hoped it would on many thousands of young lives.”

Nick Barnett, incoming CEO of Soulscape said:

“I feel honoured and excited to be joining Soulscape. Now more than ever, charities need to support schools and young people as our education system is under crippling pressure. Soulscape has an excellent array of programmes that go some way to help alleviate this pressure, but the need is so great. Under my leadership I hope to increase what we can offer and extend our reach to more schools and young people, to make a significant difference in their lives. I look forward to working with the Soulscape team, Trustees and volunteers to harness the power of the charity to make a change for good in our community.”

You can reach Nick on 07387 969623, or contact him personally on LinkedIn. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Soulscape team.

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