soulscape named Mayor’s charity in Wokingham

soulscape named Mayor’s charity in Wokingham

We’re very excited to announce that the new Mayor of Wokingham has named Soulscape as ‘Mayor’s Charity’ for her term of office.We will be working together with the Mayor’s support to develop a new project to increase mental wellbeing among young people. In a ceremony at Wokingham Town Hall, Mayor Gwynneth Hewetson praised our “talented and creative” team and affirmed the importance of giving young people space to explore their lives.

Being named Mayor’s Charity is a great honour and provides Soulscape with a number of fundraising opportunities through the year to increase the impact of our work.

We want to wish Gwynneth every success for her year in office, and look forward to working together with her to create transformative space for young people’s lives.

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