The difference a mentor makes

The difference a mentor makes

For the past year, Soulscape has been mentoring 18 individual young people at Wokingham primary and secondary schools.

Meeting for a one-to-one mentoring session each week, these young people have grown in confidence and appreciated having somebody who is simply there to listen to them – whatever’s on their mind.

Our mentors are specially-trained volunteers with a great rapport with young people. Neither teacher nor parent, they can play a unique role as another trusted adult who values, accepts and invests in them.

“I think it’s really important for all young people to feel they have someone they can talk to,” says one of our mentors. “Every young person deserves a champion – someone who makes time to listen to them.

“Mentoring for me has been really rewarding – so many young people value a safe space with someone making time just for them.

“My mentee recently told me, ‘I like talking to you and look forward to seeing you’. That’s brilliant.”

Find out more about our mentoring project here. This one-to-one support is really valuable in young people’s lives and we’d really love to offer it to more young people – if we had the funds.

  • It costs about £31 to run mentoring sessions at a school for one week. You can help make it possible with a donation here.

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