This term, in the Lounge…

This term, in the Lounge…

Since The Lounge re-opened at The Emmbrook School this term, we have had a great time with a loyal bunch of Year 7s and 8s who really value this drop-in space.

We’ve played games to get to know one another, like giant jenga with questions on the blocks, activities to explore your emotions, and most of all, just created a space to relax and be yourself.

As we approach the end of term, we decided to ask the young people what they like about the Lounge and why they choose to come each week. Here’s what they said:

“The Lounge is a genuinely nice place to be.”

“It’s a quieter space than the hall at lunchtime.”

“It’s a nice place to relax and get your mind off everything.”

“You can be who you want to be and not who society wants you to be.”

“There’s no judgement here.”

“It’s safe.”

“We can talk and socialise in The Lounge.”

“I like the people; everyone here.”

“The only thing I don’t like is leaving!”

“We all want to come back in September.”

Give how much the students appreciate this space, we will be running The Lounge again in September, for Years 7, 8 and 9. Looking forward to it!

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