Time for a special advent calendar

Time for a special advent calendar

It’s advent, it’s Giving Tuesday, it’s the last day of lockdown – let’s celebrate!

This year, the theme is #GiveBack2020: a chance to take something positive from what has been a difficult year and make a difference at the same time. So we want to celebrate our volunteers!

We’ve made an online advent calendar to celebrate our ‘Soulscape Stars’ – the amazing volunteers who have been giving back to our schools and young people throughout this hard year. There are far more than 24 and they’re all appreciated, whether we picked on them for this calendar or not!

Join us on our social media channels as we open a new door each day and see who pops out! Here’s Door Number One to start us off:

December 1 door

How can you give back today?

This is a great day to think about how you could give back to our local schools and the young people who have been through so much this year. Some ideas:

1) Volunteer! We need all sorts: people who can bake, people who are creative, and people who can relate well to young people. You can see the sorts of things our volunteers do by following this year’s advent calendar. We’d love you to be in there in 2021! Click here to find out more.

2) Make a donation. It’s Giving Tuesday – what better time? Like most charities, our budget has been depleted this year, just as we’re needed in schools more than ever. You can see how much our projects cost on our donation page, or you could #GiveBack2020 by donating:

  • The commuting costs you’ve saved by working at home this year
  • The cost of all the sandwiches you haven’t bought on your lunch breaks
  • The price of all the drinks you missed at the pub this month

We think this celebration of giving is a great start to advent – and a great way to defy the gloom of 2020! Thank you for all the ways you give.

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