Our beginnings.

Then a single youth worker. Today a growing team.

Originally one youth worker collectively supported by a number of local churches in 1994, Soulscape has grown rapidly since our relaunch a couple of years ago. Now a team of five working with a wide pool of generous and committed volunteers and youth workers, we have been able to broaden the scope of what we do and to increase the number of our school partnerships.

It is important to us that although we come from a Christian perspective, we choose to actively empower young people to explore their own stories of faith, relationships and education.

Encouraging them to tell it their own way.

To do this we provide:

  • Personal stories, opinions research, and a variety of perspectives on a whole range of issues for them to question, challenge and formulate.
  • Creative safe spaces and activities outside the pressures of life that connect meaningfully with them and develop their spiritual literacy.
  • Positive contexts for reviewing the story of education and tools to help make positive choices.

Today’s young people face unprecedented pressures.

We believe that the education system is not always able to prioritise the development of independent thinking, creative expression or the skills needed to form and navigate healthy relationships. Yet these are the tools most needed for life.

We create space for young people to ask the big questions.

We are not interested in proselytising, although we do believe that the Christian tradition has a lot to offer young people today. What matters to us is empowering young people to think for themselves about life in our 21st century world. This is much less about providing answers than it is about provoking questions and journeying with young people as they explore them. For more on that, take a look at this extended article by our former Chair of Trustees.

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