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Hi there! Thanks for reading this. We’d like to become friends!

If you’ve looked around this site you’ll have seen we spend a lot of time with young people in schools. We work with thousands every year in fact. In everything we do we have one core idea: to create space to explore life. Why? Because young people face unprecedented pressure over what they think and how they live. We don’t believe it’s ok to just stand by. We need to stand with them and work hard to hold back that pressure so they can explore how to make their own choices.

We run various programmes tackling difficult issues, ranging from mental wellbeing to family breakdown, from sex and porn to spirituality and faith. And both young people and teachers love what we do.

The reality though is that we are a very small charity and we manage a huge amount of work on an incredibly tight budget!

We want to offer so much more. We currently have to turn down opportunities to run our programmes because we don’t have the capacity. So can you help us? Can you help more young people respond creatively to the pressures they face by becoming a Friend of Soulscape?

Our Friends are the backbone of the organisation because they provide the regular monthly donations that allow us to plan with stability.

Becoming a Friend of Soulscape is really easy – just follow this link to our JustGiving page and click on ‘make a monthly donation’ in the top-right to sign up.

“It changed my life,” said a Year 9 pupil after one of our workshops. “Now I am learning to put the past behind me.” Help us change more lives – with your friendship we can.