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Why get behind Soulscape?

Soulscape is the charity that has contact with almost every family in Wokingham. We work with every secondary school in Wokingham Town, and more nearby. Giving our young people space to explore issues around mental health, relationships and sex, peer pressure and drugs – that’s a cause that all of your colleagues and clients can get behind.

As a local business, we know you care about the young people of Wokingham and Bracknell. They’re your staff’s kids, nephews and nieces, and your future colleagues.

You read stories in the news about the pressures that young people face today, and perhaps worry about someone you know or the effects on the community.

One way you can really make a difference to the next generation in Berkshire is to support Soulscape through your business.

We create safe space for thousands of young people every year to explore the issues that concern them most – and we can only do it with the support of partners like you.

“We made Soulscape our charity of the year because the world can be a very intimidating place, especially for teenagers and youngsters. Soulscape believe in supporting them, and so do we at Berkshire Physiotherapy.” – Jim Adkins, Berkshire Physiotherapy

Make Soulscape your charity of the year

If you choose Soulscape as your business’s charity of the year, you could…

Do some fundraisers. With a charity of the year, you can organise a series of fundraising events (from bake sale to marathon!) over the course of the year, and be proud of your grand total at the end.

Donate your expertise. Local creative agency Fresh01 decided to donate 10 hours per month of their time to benefit Soulscape this year – they’re being a great help with our website and media. Last year, staff from Nationwide Wokingham helped us run finance workshops for Year 12 students.

Donate your office space. We are a tiny organisation desperate for regular office and meeting space. If you have room, you could really get to know the charity by hosting a couple of Soulscape staff members or meetings.

Advocate for us. Throughout the year, invite us in to talk to your clients, customers, staff, or other businesses you work with, to explain how we work with their young people.

Let us create space for your employees. Coming soon, we will be bringing some of our innovative, creative workshops into workplaces. Your staff can get a taste of what we do in schools while benefiting their own mental health.

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Do a one-off fundraiser

If your business doesn’t go in for ‘charity of the year’, could you do a one-off fundraiser or collection box for Soulscape?

For example, a Wokingham fitness studio, Be Wright Fit, collected over £200 for Soulscape at a bootcamp session. That one-off donation will go a long way to working with a whole year group at a local school.

“This generation of kids coming up have so much more pressure on them, I see it all the time with the kids coming through here. Keep doing what you’re doing, it makes a difference.” – Pete, Be Wright Fit Wokingham

We love our business partners and we’ll be sure to keep mentioning you online as you support our work.


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