More Inside Out

More Inside Out

This term, we are excited to be running a creative wellbeing project for young people.

There’s no doubt that the past year of the pandemic has created anxiety for young people. Prolonged uncertainty makes it difficult to think about the future or feel positive. The NSPCC says demand for counselling just for issues of loneliness has risen by 10% since March 2020.

12 months of on-and-off of school closures have affected most young people’s social lives, emotional development, future plans, and for some, taken away their refuge from a troubled family life.

What can we do in response? We need to take this opportunity to rebuild a community that includes trusted adults and fosters a sense of connection with each other. We need to create safe spaces for children and young people to explore and process their feelings, prioritising their wellbeing after this turbulent year.

Time for More Inside Out!

More Inside Out is a creative wellbeing project designed to enable young people to express themselves through art without necessarily having to find the right words.

We are working in partnership with St Crispin’s School and primary schools across Wokingham to select Year 6 students who will benefit the most.

Two local artists will join the Soulscape team to run the workshops. Young people will come along to an initial ‘getting to know you’ workshop first. This is a safe, no-pressure space for them to talk and have a go at some fun art techniques. At the second workshop they will create their own piece of artwork to express their feelings or personalities.

Why use art?

Art is known to have a positive effect on wellbeing, and art projects can also build a sense of community. The most recent Good Childhood Report (produced by the Children’s Society) highlighted that fear of failure is a significant issue for children and young people in the UK; art activities they can do just for fun can be a helpful antidote, allowing them to express themselves more freely.

“It was very therapeutic and stress relieving, I really enjoyed it and had fun.”

— young person on Inside Out 2018.

We’re grateful to MoreArts for providing funding for this project, as well as the Soulscape supporters who have donated to help bring back the Inside Out project in a new form. A year on from the first shock of the pandemic, we feel this is exactly the right time for More Inside Out in our local schools.

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