‘What I like about Soulscape is that they are not teachers; their workshops are different to, and compliment, the work we do in the classroom.’ – Head of RE, St. Crispins.

What is REvive?

REvive lessons create space in school for exploring complex faith issues. Like REAL lessons, they are not sit-down classes, but instead offer a variety of active and stimulating activities that challenge and question. The aim is to awaken curiosity and interest and to create space for young people to explore a wide range of ideas and opinions. Topics covered within REvive include; abortion, euthanasia, divorce and homosexuality. We recognise that issues such as these can directly affect young people and we ensure that all subjects are explored sensitively and inclusively.

How does REvive work?

Because Soulscape is a Christian organisation, Christianity is reflected in REvive lessons. However, we do not assume one Christian position. Young people are offered a wide range of (often diametrically opposed) Christian viewpoints to explore. Real-life stories and interviews, forum theatre exercises and group activities help pupils unpack challenging issues and begin to develop their own opinions.

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What is different about REvive?

REvive lessons don’t draw on text books and they don’t give answers. Instead they create space where young people are able to explore new ideas for themselves. Lessons are carefully researched; we actively seek out people who’s views range widely, and are able to bring real life examples into the classroom for exploration and debate. Our aim is to challenge, surprise, inform and empower young people to think independently.

Why is REvive important?

Religious education in school is one of the first areas to be hit when finances are tight. Yet in a world where debate is often reduced to little more than thoughtless social media bullying, religious education offers unique potential to inspire curiosity, encourage openness and develop understanding. REvive creates space for young people to think, not only about the issues covered, but also about how faith is revealed in people’s lives.

‘Being a Christian might make you think about decisions you make.’ – year 7 pupil.

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