vision and values

Why and how we do what we do.

Soulscape’s vision – why we do it

Soulscape’s vision is of empowered young people who can think for themselves.

Where young people are under 24/7 pressure, we want to see them living freely and discovering new ways to think and be.

Instead of being conformed to the culture around them, we want to see them transformed and transforming their world.

Soulscape’s mission – what we do

Our mission is to achieve this by creating space to explore life – away from the pressures that young people face.

Soulscape’s model – how we do it

Soulscape’s work starts and ends with young people. They tell us about the issues that concern them the most, and we develop projects to address these at their schools. We don’t do things to or for young people, their schools or the community – we work with them all in a partnership of mutual respect, input and benefit.

Our transformational model is inspired by the way that Jesus shared his counter-cultural message. He told stories that provoked questions, discussion and new ways of looking at the world. His stories enabled people to step outside of the culture that restricted them, look at things differently and imagine a new future.

We follow this pattern in our work with young people. We bring real-life stories, and encourage them to share their own, giving them space to hear and think about different opinions and perspectives. We use the creative arts to help young people express their true thoughts and feelings on the topics that concern them. Through this active learning and empowerment, we aim to see them transformed, freed from the pressures around them, developing their own identities and living out their potential.

Soulscape’s values – what we’re like

We value:

Acceptance – creating a safe, non-judgmental space where everyone can be themselves and share without fear of prejudice.

Honesty – expressing what we really think and feel about difficult issues.

Respect – knowing that everybody is equally valuable with opinions worth listening to.

Openness – having an open mind that tries to understand a different point of view.

Kindness – helping one another through life’s challenges and pressures, not adding to them.

Hope – seeing the huge potential in every young person, and the future.