Object: a taster

Over 1,000 young people and their teachers have experienced our Object presentation and workshop.

Here’s a taster.


What students think about Object:


“The effects of pornography and increasing sexualisation are having an enormous impact on all of our young people, their mental well-being and their general happiness, yet there is nowhere for them to talk about and explore these things – nobody wants to talk to their parents about it, so the majority of them are learning what is ‘normal’ from observing the behaviour of the crowd. If anyone has any worries or thinks differently, they are afraid to speak out for fear of rejection and being ‘weird’ about it all.

“What Object does is tell young people that many others hold the same questions as they do, that actually things don’t have to be the way they appear, and gives them the confidence to start having the conversations that they need to in a safe and helpful environment. There is a great need for the ideas in Object to be put forward, because without it, many will simply get swept up in things that they don’t want to do and may cause them harm.”

Year 12 student and Object audience member

“It was a trustworthy and safe environment to speak in.”

“I liked the detail of knowledge.”

“It was good hearing others’ opinions.”

“I liked expressing my opinion on stuff – usually I can’t.”


What schools think about Object:


“We were the first school to host Soulscape and their presentation on how pornography can negatively affect relationships and socialisation. Our students were fully absorbed and engaged during the Object presentation. The students would have liked to have continued discussions long after we had to stop – a full endorsement of how many questions needed to be, and were, answered to the boys’ satisfaction.”

– The Forest School, Wokingham.


Hosting Object at your school


In total, Object lasts an hour, with the play and follow-on workshop lasting half an hour each. So Object can fit into an hour-long PSHE lesson or be used as part of a drop-down day.

100 students (half a year group) can watch and take part.

Here’s what we’ll need:

  • One hour to set up prior to the performance
  • A school hall or large drama studio with seating for 100 students
  • Projector and screen that can be linked to a computer, and access to the sound / PA system
  • A second space nearby suitable for small workshop groups
  • Soulscape provides facilitators to lead the workshop discussion groups, but we require some school staff to be present in the room.

The total cost to bring Object to your school is £500.

To find out more or book, please contact Michelle McLeish, Operations Manager on 07909 082062 or contact@soulscape.org.uk