A virtual church tour for Year 7

A virtual church tour for Year 7

RE in the real world

Each year, a popular part of our REvive project (supporting the RE curriculum) is a walking tour of local churches. Year 7 of the Holt School get to leave the classroom, walk around their town, and visit a number of very different sorts of churches. The church leaders tell them a bit about the church building and what happens there, and they get to ask questions.

Actually going inside real churches and meeting people who worship there makes this part of the syllabus a lot more memorable and relatable.

church tour

But there’s a pandemic on!

This year, of course, the walking tour is not allowed under coronavirus restrictions. So we have spent several days filming a virtual tour of each church instead!

Wokingham Baptist Church, The Salvation Army, St Paul’s Church and All Saints’ Church have all helped us film a tour of their building for Year 7 – but it won’t just be passive video watching. The church leaders will be on a live video call to present the virtual tour, talk the young people through what they’re seeing and answer questions.

We’re looking forward to this alternative church tour after half term.

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