Outside the textbook

Outside the textbook

We’ve now completed a unique Church Tour for Year 7 students – the first one we’ve done virtually! This was part of our REvive project, which supports the RE curriculum – bringing it to life by exploring the topics in a real-world context.

What did the students think?

The Year 7 students were really engaged throughout, despite the number of virutal lessons they had sat through all week. They spoke up and asked a lot of interesting questions, like:

  • Do you give homeless people food and a place to stay? That must cost a lot!
  • Do lots of people get baptised? Is the water holy?
  • Do you have to book to go to church?
  • How are you coming together as a church during Covid?
  • Is communion wine real wine?
  • Can you go to church if you aren’t a Christian?

We were pleased that they sought out the facts and understanding they needed for their course, and also felt free to explore and ask wider questions around the topic of faith and belief.

We’re thankful to Father Richard Lamey from St Paul’s, Rev Nick Hudson from Wokingham Baptist Church, Rev Canon David Hodgson from All Saints, and Capt Jan Howlin from The Salvation Army Wokingham who did a brilliant job leading the ‘tours’ and answering questions – and to the Holt School for helping us make this work.

What did the tour guides think?

“It’s always so interesting to hear what the students find interesting from their perspective, and the questions they ask make me think too!” – David Hodgson (All Saints)

“The pupils were really engaged, saying what they thought of the architecture and how it felt to be looking round. And their questions were amazing and insightful – from personal ones about their own baptism, through to questions about the theology of the Eucharist and why the building is designed like that, to what churches have learnt from the lockdown.” – Richard Lamey (St Paul’s)

“I’ve loved the variety of questions and comments from the classes. I have learnt so much about the other churches which I wouldn’t have done otherwise!” – Jan Howlin (Salvation Army)

“It was a delight to do the Virtual Walking Tour with Year 7. It was fun to work with colleagues from other churches, discussing what we have in common and where we express our faith differently.” – Nick Hudson (Wokingham Baptist)

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