TLC = thanks, love a coffee!

TLC = thanks, love a coffee!

‘The staffroom comes alive on Thursdays!’ – Wokingham teacher with a coffee cup.

There are angels at Edgbarrow School. I know because I met them. Their names are Sue and Janet and I found them busy serving coffee and cakes in the staffroom.


‘I can’t remember the last time I was kissed by a Headteacher!’ laughs Janet as she recounts how Headteacher, Mr Elsey, showed how much he and his staff appreciate their weekly visits, with a hug.

But Sue and Janet are just the tip of the iceberg. They are new members of a much larger team of Soulscape volunteers, members of local churches who have been serving coffee and cakes to teachers at Edgbarrow, Emmbrook, Forest, Holt, and St Crispin’s schools – some for nearly ten years!

By serving in this way, they show that this community really values the contribution teachers make to our children’s lives. It’s a way of saying thank you, and teachers love it.

coffee thank you pic

‘We have many wonderful bakers on the Edgbarrow team,’ says Sue, ‘My freezer is so full of amazing cakes that there’s hardly any room for the family’s meals! But we are short of people to help serve and would love some more volunteers to join us.’

Can you help the Edgbarrow coffee team?

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