Want to work for soulscape?

Want to work for soulscape?


Soulscape is looking to expand its team in 2018, with two new part-time posts aimed at strengthening and promoting the charity creating space for young people to explore life. Both roles will be self-employed.

These two new colleagues will be committed to telling Soulscape’s story, enhancing an already-strong reputation and broadening our reach in local communities. Building on a respected brand and delivery model, you will be working together to grow our supporter base online and in person, and increasing our resources to push back the pressures in young people’s lives.


Communications Associate

8 hours per week

This role will fulfil three functions:

– Research, collate, write and communicate stories about Soulscape’s activities and their importance to young people in today’s society.
Working alongside our staff, trustees and volunteers, you will uncover the best tales and testimonials about the effects of our work, and ensure that these are produced, disseminated and stored effectively.
You will also be media savvy, researching news items locally and nationally relevant to the charity’s work. You will communicate these within the group and have relevant statistics at your fingertips to reinforce our work.

– Be the charity’s online media champion
Across all relevant social media, from Twitter to Facebook and beyond, you will be promoting our brand online to its widest audience. You will also have hands-on responsibility for the charity’s website content, design and currency.

– Produce literature, in print or on screen.
You will support Soulscape’s projects and work with other staff to create literature as required to promote and deliver our work in schools.

Skills required for this position:

– Excellent computer literacy; familiar with the latest software packages to deliver modern communications to the most appropriate audiences.

– Proven experience in social media engagement, and management of digital marketing systems (email, website, analytics, etc)

– Self-starting, eager and comfortable working on your own initiative, with input from other Soulscape staff and volunteers.

– Inquisitive and news-aware, particularly in the fields of education, mental health and youth issues and practices.- Enthusiasm for change and progress with young people, while understanding of cross-generational audiences.

– A proven eye for design and creative style, able to produce materials which will be read, understood and encourage support.


Engagement Associate

8 hours per week

Above all else, this person will have a proven track record in Winning Others Over (WOO). This role will fulfil these functions:

– Get people on board

– Get people to do things

– Get support: time, services, money

Soulscape needs greater awareness in the community, from which it will gain support, volunteers and financial resources. These will then be utilised to grow our services, reaching and helping more young people in more schools and communities.

The Engagement Associate will be tasked with deepening and broadening Soulscape’s supporter base. You will do this by networking, encouraging, organising and enthusing; in short, your aim is to present Soulscape’s philosophy to anyone who will buy it. Working with existing staff, trustees and volunteers, and closely with the new Communications Associate, you will be part salesperson, part fundraiser.

Skills required for this position:

– Above all, you will be a people person, comfortable in presenting to or communicating with individuals, small groups or large audiences; school staff, parents, business people, volunteers, teenagers, churchgoers or sports clubs.

– You will be an experienced event organiser, comfortable not just with the logistics of venue and diary management, but with getting bums on seats and leaving the audience knowing they must support you.

– You will exude confidence, in yourself, your work and Soulscape. You will be a natural communicator, networker and invigorator. You will be a problem solver, with a can-do attitude and a sense of humour.

– You will value young people, recognising their abilities and contributions, comfortable with change and progress.

– You will have contacts in local authorities, schools and businesses, and be able to develop such networks to Soulscape’s advantage.

– You will have significant fundraising experience and be familiar with the world of business sponsorship, financial resourcing and the importance of ongoing support relationships to a charity such as ours.


The above two positions are envisaged as separate roles, totalling 16 hours, flexible working hours negotiable. We are happy to discuss the details of this and there is some flexibility, depending on an applicant’s experience and suitability.

For more information or to discuss informally, please contact Jane Turner, Soulscape Director – jane.turner @ soulscape.org.uk

To apply for either role please send a CV with a single-side covering letter to Michelle McLeish, Operations Manager – michelle.mcleish @ soulscape.org.uk

The closing date for applications for each role  is 12 January 2018.

Click the following link to download this information as a PDF: Soulscape – New Job Descriptions – Dec 2017

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