Will the REAL me stand up?

Will the REAL me stand up?

During 2015 over 600 pupils experienced REAL workshops.

‘It felt good to get rid of the negative thoughts about yourself. Everyone got to speak. I feel more positive now.’ Yr 9 pupil feedback after ‘Who Am I?’ lesson.

 ‘Who Am I?’ is a REAL (Relationships, Self Esteem, Aspiration and Lifestyle) lesson, creating space for young people to explore how and where they fit into their world. It allows them to ask, ‘Who and what defines me?’ ‘Where does that lead me?’ ‘Am I happy with the direction, and if not, what can I change?’

All of us, every day, receive messages through the media and from people around us. Some are positive. Others will be negative. They may be confusing. They may not even be true.

‘Who Am I?’ is an opportunity to explore, ‘What is it that makes me special?’ ‘What are my unique strengths?” ‘And where might they lead me?’ ‘What qualities can I contribute to my own future, and to that of my community?’

Young people tell us, ‘I’m not the best at exams, I worry I’m not the ‘right’ shape. Sometimes I feel I just don’t fit in.’ We want them to be able to add; ‘BUT – I know that I am unique. There are things that I can do, and qualities I have, that make me special and unique.’

 ‘Who Am I?’ is about beginning to know who I really am, not who others say I am. It’s recognising my unique value and understanding that everyone is smart in their own way. We all have something to offer. We’re all smart. We just need to discover which kind of smart we are…

‘I was encouraged. My friends say that I help people through rough periods.’ Yr 9 pupil.

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